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The Sons of Freya are a Brotherhood that was made by Total War Veterans as a home for all the Total War players out there...
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 Sons of Freya Ranks.

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Group Aspirant

Thrall: |SoF|Name|TH

The first Rank in the Clan. New members have to carry it al least 4 weeks.

After 4 weeks the new member got the right to demand a High Council or Berserker member for some test games to proofe his worth for the next rank.

Fri-hals: |SoF|Name|FH

The second rank is carried, for at least, an other 4 weeks then the member can ask for Promotion.
This is the rank for members who want to play the game just for fun. No other activities are needed to Keep this rank, then playing the game.

Group Sons of Freya

Drengr: |SoF|Name|D

This is the Basic rank for Players who take the clan and the game serious. We expect from this rank on that you take an activ role in the clan. Start discussions, help new guys and all that stuff. You have to carry it for an other 4 weeks and you have to play one tournament to ask for Promotion. You have to proof you tournament games with screenshoots!

You can also advance faster by recruiting members and by teaching new guys.

Thegn: |SoF|Name|T

this rank is carried an other 4 weeks, one more tournament.You can also advance faster by recruiting members and by teaching new guys.

Jarl: |SoF|Name|J

this is the highest normal rank. You have to carry it at least 4 weeks and you have to Play an other tournament to ask for a higher duty.

Group Berserker (Only the High Council can promote you to the following ranks)

Sturaesman: |SoF|Name|S

this rank is for Jarls with a Special Office but they are not part of the High Council.

Hersir: |SoF|Name|H

this rank is for Jarls with a Special Office and they are  part of the High Council, like an Ambassador.

Konungr=King: |SoF|Name|K

this is the rank of the clan founders.

Sons of Freya Ranks. Gromeisterlndsig2

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Sons of Freya Ranks.
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